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Policies - Terms & Conditions

Driver's Age
Minimum 21 years old for credit card holders and 23 years old for non credit card holders, for car Group A, A1, B, B1, C, C1. For all other car Groups minimum driver’s age 25 years old.
Withdrawal Policy
In the event that the Contract is a "distance contract" or an "off-premises contract", according to Law 2251/1994, the right to withdraw from this Law does not apply after the provision of the agreed Services. In particular, the Lessee expressly agrees to the performance of this agreement (ie, the car's cancellation) before the expiration of the period in which he is entitled to withdraw as provided for in Law 2251/1994 and acknowledges that he will lose his right, withdrawal once the contract has been fully executed, that is, when the car is picked up and the lease is started.
Non-Service Policy
Spark Car may, for reasons of force majeure, geopolitical disturbances, natural disasters and other extraneous factors such as terrorist attacks, not provide the agreed services. You are committed to better service and safety for employees. In the event of a failure to provide services, you will be refunded the full amount paid when Spark Car is chartered for a short-term lease.
Cancellation Policy
a) Cancellation of Detention on the same day (before midnight). - No charge. You are refunded the total rental amount.
b) Cancellation of Booking up to 3 days prior to the pickup. - A cancellation fee of € 50 will apply and the remaining rental will be refunded.
c) Cancellation of a reservation within 3 days prior to receipt of the car. - A specific amount of compensation will be applied, which will correspond to the average 3-day rental based on your reservation. If the rental is less than 3 days, then the total amount of the rent will be deducted as compensation.
d) Cancellation of Detention on the same day as the date of pick-up of the car or Cancellation of reservation and non-receipt of a car. - No refunds will be made and the total amount of the rent will be deducted. You can cancel a reservation by calling: +30 6973409319, +30 6955985800 or by sending an e-mail to